Station name: Oulu Neutron Monitor
Station short name: OULU
Start date: 1964-04-01
End date: None
Head organization: Sodankyla Geophysical Observatory, University of Oulu, SGO-OTY, 90014 University of Oulu, Finland
Principal investigator: Ilya Usoskin
Contact person: Ilya Usoskin
Latitude [°]: 65.0544
Longitude [°]: 25.4681
Altitude [m] asl: 15.0
Geomagnetic cutoff rigidity [GV]: 0.8
Average count rate [s-1] during solar activity minimum: 115.0
Average count rate [s-1] during solar activity maximum: 85.0
Reference atmospheric pressure [mbar]: 1000.0
Barometric coefficient [%/mbar]: 0.74
Information on detector housing: Pyramid-shaped warmed roof => no snow accumulation. Material: aluminum
Type of counter tube: Chalk River neutron counter BP28
Number of counter tubes: 9
Information on detector: Moderator: Polyethylene tube, wall thickness 2.0 cm, Reflector: Polyethylene 7.6 cm, 3 sections X 3 counters
Atmospheric pressure sensor: Vaisala digital barometer VPB 200, resolution 0.01 mb, stable (routine calibration by mercury barometer), claimed 0.1 mb within the operated temperature range (15-30 C)
Information about clock: GPS