Station name: Jungfraujoch NM64
Station short name: JUNG1
Start date: 1986-01-01
End date: None
Head organization: Physikalisches Institut, University of Bern, Sidlerstrasse 5, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland
Principal investigator: Rolf B├╝tikofer, rolf.buetikofer at
Contact person: Rolf B├╝tikofer, rolf.buetikofer at
Latitude [°]: 46.55
Longitude [°]: 7.98
Altitude [m] asl: 3475.0
Geomagnetic cutoff rigidity [GV]: 4.5
Average count rate [s-1] during solar activity minimum: 400.0
Average count rate [s-1] during solar activity maximum: 280.0
Reference atmospheric pressure [mbar]: 642.614
Barometric coefficient [%/mbar]: 0.72
Information on detector housing: Material of the detector housing roof: Copper (2 mm), wood (~4cm). Total thickness: ~5 g/cm^2. The neutron monitor is located on a mountain side. Mainly during winter and spring time snow accumulation on the roof of the housing is possible.
Type of counter tube: Chalk River neutron counter BP28, preamp: original Chalk River
Number of counter tubes: 3
Information on detector: Moderator: Polyethylene tube, wall thickness 2.0 cm, Reflector: Polyethylene 7.6 cm, 3 sections x 1 counter
Atmospheric pressure sensor: Barometer: GB1, resolution: 0.1 mb, stability: +/- 0.2 mb over the whole temperature and operating voltage ranges
Information about clock: Radio clock DCF 77, Meinberg, 3280 Bad Pyrmont, Germany