Kiel, Germany (KIEL, KIEL2)

The detector is housed on top of the old building of the Nuclear Physics department.


Detector Standard 18-NM64 neutron monitor (3 units of 6 counters)
Geographic latitude 54.3399° N
Geographic longitude 10.1199° E
Altitude 54m asl
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity (Epoch 2000.0) 2.36 GV
In operation: 1957-1964 (IGY)
since 1964 (NM64)

Detailed station information:

The neutron monitor at Kiel (Germany) is operated by the Extraterrestrial Physics Department of the Institute for Experimental and Applied Physics of the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel.

The new real-time registration system built by the University of Alcala registers data for the Kiel NM in the KIEL2 table. The data is pressure corrected, but the values for efficiency correction have not been determined yet, so the absolute count-rates differ from KIEL by about 5%. This registration system is still in testing mode, the data should not be used for scientific work yet, although it may be suitable for real-time ALERTS.