Guadalajara, Spain

CaLMa is being operated by the Space Research Group (SRG-UAH) of the University of Alcala ( and is located in the Science and Technology Park of Guadalajara (Spain). The CaLMa detector is based on 15 counter tubes, filled with BF3 at a pressure of 200 mm Hg. Three of them are standard well-known BP28 Chalk River tubes from the Observatoire Midi Pyrénées and the others twelve are new one LND 2061 mode.


DetectorStandard 15-NM64 neutron monitor
Geographic latitude40° 33’ 33” N
Geographic longitude3° 9’ 45” W
Altitude708 m asl
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity (Epoch 2010.0)6.95 GV
In continuous operation since2012/07/11

Detailed station information

Contact information

Any questions related to our station can be emailed to Juan José Blanco or to Óscar García Población

Conditions for Use of Data

  1. You agree to acknowledge providing of the data in any published use of the data.
    Example: “CaLMa neutron monitor data were kindly provided by the Space Research Group (SRG-UAH), University of Alcala, Spain”
  2. You agree to send a copy of any paper using these data to: Juan Jose Blanco Avalos
  3. Commercial or industrial use of the data is not allowed without previous agreement with the PI of the scientific program.
  4. You may share these data with colleagues, provided you inform them of these conditions.