BUDApest Neutron Monitor, Hungary

The detector is located in the Buda Hills, on the western edge of Budapest. The operation of the neutron monitors is supported by the HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research and operated by the Space Research Department of the institute. Both are located on the same premises with the monitor.


DetectorLND 2061 BF3 Neutron Monitor
(1 unit of 6 counters - 4 operational)
Geographic latitude47.49° N
Geographic longitude18.95° E
Altitude410m asl
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity (Epoch 2010.0)4.2 GV
In continuous operation since2023

Detailed station information

The snow depth is constantly measured and the count rates corrected for snow cover. The snow cover is limited to few cm-s even during the winter and snowfalls are rare. Wind measurements are not performed at this time. Tree coverage is 15% to 60 degree zenith angle.

Conditions for Use of Data

  1. You agree to achnowledge providing of the data in any published use of the data.
    Example: “Budapest neutron monitor data were kindly provided by the HUN-REN Centre of Energy Research, Hungary”
  2. You agree to send a copy of any paper using these data to:
    Patrik Pinczés
    HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research
    Space Research Laboratory Konkoly-Thege Miklós út 29, Budapest, 1121
  3. Commercial or industrial use of the data is prohibited without previous agreement with the PI of the station (see name and address above)
  4. You may share these data with colleagues, provided you inform them of these conditions.