Armenian NMs

The Aragats Space-Environmental Center (ASEC) provides monitoring of different species of secondary cosmic rays at two altitudes and with different energy thresholds. The ASEC consists of two high altitude stations on Mt. Aragats in Armenia. Geographic coordinates for Aragats station is 40°28'N, 44°10'E and for Nor-Amberd station is 40°22'N, 44°15'E. Cutoff rigidity: ~7.1 GV, altitudes 3200m and 2000m correspondingly. At these stations several monitors continuously measure the intensity of the secondary cosmic ray fluxes and send data to the Internet in real time.

The two 18NM-64 neutron monitors in operation at Nor-Amberd and at Aragats research stations are called the Nor Amberd Neutron Monitor (NANM), and the Aragats Neutron Monitor (ArNM), respectively. The monitors are equipped with new electronics providing time integration of counts by three dead times.