Lev Dorman

Lev Dorman passed away in his 94th year. From the first detection of the ever largest GLE 65 years ago till last months he was very active not only in space research and education but also in the endeavor of accumulation of the whole geospace knowledge in his valuable books.

NMDB@Athens: Hybrid symposium on cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors, 26 – 30 September 2022

Registration for the hybrid symposium on cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors from September 26 – 30 in Athens is now open.


The University of Surrey in the UK has developed a new model for nowcasting the radiation environment for the aviation sector. A version of this model, called MAIRE-S, which uses NMDB data in its algorithms can be viewed online.

Terre Adélie Neutron Monitor

One defective counter tube has been replaced on TERA 9NM64 on 19/11/2021. The count rate is slightly higher since then, with a difference smaller than 1% however. The corrected_for_efficiency value will take this change into account when we have enough hindsight to evaluate more precisely the bias.


A new Neutron Monitor has been installed in Dourbes.

GLE 73

A X1.0 class X-ray flare occurred on 2021/10/28. Solar Energetic Particles have been recorded by GOES and Stereo. The polar stations of the Global Neutron Monitor Network have seen a sudden, but moderate, increase in cosmic ray count rates.

Tibet data not available via NMDB

Tibet data needs to be reconfirmed for release, thus Tibet data is temporarily not available via NMDB.

Proceedings of the "1st virtual symposium on cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors"

The Proceedings of the “1st virtual symposium on cosmic ray studies with neutron detectors” are available online.

Evgenia Eroshenko

Evgenia Eroshenko from IZMIRAN, Russia, passed away at the age of 80 years on June 3, 2021. Evgenia Eroshenko had a long-standing career with research on all aspects of cosmic ray observations with neutron monitors.

Roger Pyle

Roger Pyle passed away at the age of 78 years on May21, 2020. He had been a long-standing member of the cosmic ray group at the University of Delaware, Newark, and continued working for the operation of the ‘Spaceship Earth’ network after his retirement in 2007.