Overplot of Kp, Ri and proton data.

Plots of Kp and/or GOES proton values:

How to get these plots:
- select some stations
- select from 08/03/2013 to 29/03/2013 in the date selection area
- select force and best in the time resolution area
- select 5 in the smooth width area area
- select Kp 3-hourly index and GOES proton plot in the Proton / Kp plots area (!maximum of 1 year for Kp and 15 days for proton!)
- select collapse time labels in the same area (this is the default, if not set time labels will be drawn on each plot)
- unselect Show Y axis grid in the style options
- set Plot color transparency to 30%
- Other parameters are set to the default values

Overplot of Ri values:

How to get this plot:
- select KIEL station and change its color to red
- select from 01/01/1957 to current date in the date selection area
- select counts in the scale area
- select Smoothed sunspot number in the Overplot Kp / Ri area
- change the color of the Ri plot in the same area
- specify your own Yscale in the scaling options area: min 130 and max 210
- unselect Show mean line in the syle options