• telecon with: Eleni, Olga, Juanjo, Helena, Ilya, Eugenia, Roger,


  • Proposal of possible items to discuss in the NMDB meeting during ESWW13

  • New labelling of GLEs (suggestion by Ilya Usoskin)

  • Establishing contacts to stakeholders (idea by Alexander Mishev)
  • Renewal of the computations of GCR spectrum near Earth based on NM data by IZMIRAN group -> Computation of the radiation dose rates at a typical flight altitude (Artem Abunin)
  • Contact PIs of NM stations that do not send NM data to NMDB, e.g. modular NM of the Rome group at high altitude research station Testa Grigia, Italy (Alba Zanini)
  • Neutron monitor station Hafelekar, Austria
  • New website of NMDB
  • 10 years of NMDB
  • Collect information about NM stations (Start date, Head organization, Principal investigator, Contact person, Latitude [°], Longitude [°], Altitude [m] asl, Geomagnetic cutoff rigidity [GV], Average count rate [s-1] during solar activity minimum, Average count rate [s-1] during solar activity maximum, Reference atmospheric pressure [mbar], Barometric coefficient [%/mbar], Information on detector housing, Type of counter tube, Number of counter tubes, Information on detector, Atmospheric pressure sensor, Information about clock) where it is not yet available on the NMDB webpage. At the moment no information about the following NM stations is available on NMDB: Calgary (closed), DOMB, DOMC, Hermanus, JBGO, Mawson, POL1, Doi Inthanon (PSNM), Potchefstroom (PTFM), Sanae (SANA and SNAE), Tibet (TIBT), Tsumeb (TSMB).
  • Status of GLE alert system by the IZMIRAN group on NMDB webpage
  • Meeting "10 years NMDB" in Athens 19-23 March 2017?
  • NMDB publications: overview, applications, new uses
  • Ground Level Enhancement Alert Systems: Where are we now and where can we go from here? (Presentation by Christos Sarlanis)