10 Years NMDB

The NMDB project officially started in 2008. The first meeting in preparation of NMDB took place in 2007 in Athens. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of NMDB, a Neutron Monitor workshop will be held in Athens in March, 2017. There may be additional workshops (in 2018 in Paris?) to celebrate the official beginning and (in 2019 in Kiel?) end of the NMDB project.

Athens workshop programme

Invited contributions

Scientific contributions


  • GLE Inversion Software -- Assessment of Source and Transport Parameters Based on Neutron Monitor Data, N. Agueda, R. Bütikofer, B. Heber, J. Labrenz, R. Vainio, presenter: R. Bütikofer
  • Definitions of GLE/subGLE class (S. Poluianov)
  • Dependence of Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) events on their associated solar flare and CME characteristics, A. Papaioannou, A. Anastasiadis, H. Mavromichalaki, A. Belov, E. Eroshenko, A. Abunin, M. Abunina


Technical NMDB workshop

  • training course
  • data science and NMDB
  • data quality, editors
  • hardware (new registration systems)
  • software (ALERTs, uploading and revising): "Towards reliable GLE alerts and SEP forecasts with inclusion of real-time NM measurements" (presenter: R. Bütikofer)
  • website
  • servers, mini mirror
  • funding
  • Discussion of the GLE/subGLE classes (initiative of U. Oulu)