NEST, NMDB Event Search Tool

The NEST web page, written in PHP by OBSPARIS is available at the following addresses:


which has recently been converted to use PHP7 and the new NMDB database.

The previous version of NEST (which does not include current data from stations that send their data to the new database anymore) is for the moment still available at: -

Please switch to using the new version of NEST, as the webserver hosting the old version will be switched off soon.

What is available:

  • query multiple stations
  • choose time period in four different ways (x last days, start/end date, GLE number, FD date if a list of them is available)
  • query of specific nmdb table(ori,1h,ori+rev)
  • choose data type (corr_for_eff, corr_for_press,...)
  • graphical output options
  • ascii file retrieval
  • Info and links concerning the events (GLEs & FDs)
  • plot GLEs with common baseline level