NMDB database format

This is the format for the NMDB database. Any suggestions and discussions will not result in its change until an updated version of format will be agreed upon. The prototype database consists of five tables per station (STATION_*) and one common table for all stations (NM_station_information). Units of measurements: seconds for length_time_interval, counts per whole detector per second for all count fields, millibar for pressure.


The STATION_ori and STATION_rev tables are supposed to contain timestamp, uncorrected, efficiency corrected and pressure corrected count rates in best available time resolution and pressure. STATION_ori will hold the station's original data, which can't be modified afterwards. This "write-once" regime is currently not active in order to allow the station operators to debug their data insert routines. When returning to the "write-once" regime, STATION_rev will contain revised datasets of STATION_ori.
  • start_date_time -- start date and time of the count interval, use format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss or other formats that MySQL understands.
  • length_time_interval_s -- duration of the data collection interval in seconds. For minutely data, 60.
  • measured_uncorrected -- uncorrected count rates per whole detector, per second.
  • measured_corr_for_efficiency -- count rates corrected for pressure and then for efficiency
  • measured_corr_for_pressure -- count rates corrected for pressure
  • measured_pressure_mbar -- pressure in millibar


Format is equal to STATION_ori, but only used if a data set in STATION_ori needs to be revised. Only pieces of revised data shall be submitted here It contains an automatically updated timestamp field "last_change", as well as a two digit integer "version" field.


The (optional to use) STATION_env table stores environmental data such as temperature, wind speed and humidity.
  • date_time -- date and time of the measurement, format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss. (This must be identical to the date and time in the _ori and _rev tables.)
  • measured_temperature_c -- air temperature in degrees Celsius
  • measured_temperature_inside -- inside air temperature in degrees Celsius
  • measured_temperature_outside -- outside air temperature in degrees Celsius
  • measured_relative_humidity -- relative humidity (%),
  • measured_wind_speed_m_s -- wind speed, m/s
  • last_change -- automatically updated timestamp.


STATION_1h holds the data averaged over 1 hour, for all time span and if possible in realtime. Hourly data is checked, like _rev data.
  • start_date_time -- start date and time of the 3600 s count interval, format: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss.
  • uncorrected -- uncorrected count rates, counts per second
  • corr_for_efficiency -- count rates corrected for pressure and efficiency.
  • corr_for_pressure -- count rates corrected only for pressure.
  • pressure_mbar -- pressure in millibar
  • last_change -- automatically generated timestamp.


STATION_meta contains "human-generated" electronic log of the station.
  • start_date_time -- start of time period
  • end_date_time -- end of time period
  • quality_flag -- (currently not defined)
  • comment -- Information on unusual events, e.g. strong snow fall, effects of turbulent and high speed winds on pressure measurements, replacement of detector shelter
  • comment_revision -- text, ??
  • last_change -- timestamp of the entry
  • ID_RECORD -- integer, primary key to allow editing by meta editor
The STATION_ori, STATION_rev and STATION_env tables are linked by the date_time primary key. The usage of date-time as a unique primary key also helps avoiding duplicate entries and collisions during replication.


The table station_information of the database NMDB contains different neutron monitor station information:
  • ID --
  • station_full_name -- Name of the station: Full
  • station_short_name -- Name of the station: Short
  • start_date_time -- Start date (for this station version)
  • end_date_time -- End date (for this station version)
  • head_organization -- Head organization with address
  • principal_investigator -- Principal investigator
  • contact_person -- Contact person with address and e-mail
  • latitude_deg -- Geographic latitude of neutron monitor station
  • longitude_deg -- Geographic longitude of neutron monitor station
  • altitude_m_asl -- Altitude of neutron montior station
  • geomag_cutoff_GV -- Geomagnetic cutoff rigidity of station
  • avg_count_per_sec_solar_min -- Average count rate [counts/seconds] of whole detector during solar activity minimum
  • avg_count_per_sec_solar_max -- Average count rate [counts/seconds] of whole detector during solar activity maximum
  • ref_pressure_mbar -- Reference atmospheric pressure to which pressure correction of the count rate is made
  • barometric_coefficient -- Barometric coefficient [%/mbar]
  • detector_housing -- Information of detector housing, e.g. material of roof, thickness of roof, obstacles around the detector (house, rock...)
  • counter_tube_type -- Type of counter tube
  • counter_tube_num -- Number of counter tubes
  • detector_info -- Information on the detector, e.g. moderator and reflector material
  • pressure_sensor -- Information on barometer, e.g. resolution, absolute accuracy, stability over temperature
  • clock_info -- Information on clock, e.g. clock type, precision, drift
  • additional_station_info -- Additional information on the neutron monitor station
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