French NMs (KERG & TERA)

The French Institute for Research and the Polar Technology (IPEV) located in Brest organizes the polar scientific activity in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF). Two neutron monitors are operated by the teams of IPEV in Kerguelen and Terre Adelie, under the scientific responsability of Paris Observatory. Please visit our web site for an overview of our activities.

Terre-Adélie: Dumont D'Urville station
Kerguelen: tubes of the 18NM64 monitor and landscape
Geographic Coordinates 49.35°S,70.25°E 66.65°S,140°E
Altitude above sea level 33m 32m
Rigidity 1.14GV 0.0GV
Model 18-NM-64 9-NM-64
In operation since: 1957 (IGY < 1964) 1967
Real time yes (since 04/2010) yes (since 07/2012)
Detailed station information: January 1957 - present January 1967 - present

Several scientific bases exist in the French Southern Lands: Crozet Islands, Amsterdam and Kerguelen and in Antarctic: Dumont-d'Urville (DDU) in Terre Adélie district and Concordia/Dome C, one of the three permanent bases located in the interior of the Antartic continent. The Port-aux-Français base in Kerguelen is located in the Indian Ocean at 50 degrees of Southern latitude and DDU on the Antarctic coast at 66 degrees of Southern latitude. DDU is very close to the south geomagnetic pole (Cutoff rigidity close to 0, lower than any other NM), and thus in the best position to observe solar particules.

Data validation

We send real time data to NMDB for both stations. A basic check is done in real time in order to remove obvious spikes. Once a day the data is checked by our dedicated software (pressure control, ratio between NM sections, etc.) and data is automatically revised (revised tables of NMDB). Once a month a supervised check is operated on the 1minute resolution data and validated 1hour data are produced and sent to NMDB.

Note that for year 2006 to 2010 the 1hour online data for Kerguelen station have not been fully checked.

An effort to include checked historical high resolution data (5min/1min) is ongoing

Conditions for use of data

You are welcome to use Kerguelen and Terre Adelie neutron monitor data under following conditions:

1- You agree to acknowledge the source of data in any publication
for example:
"Kerguelen and/or Terre Adelie neutron monitor data were kindly provided
by the French Polar Institute (IPEV, Brest) and by Paris Observatory."

2- You agree to send a copy of any paper using these data to:
Ludwig Klein, LESIA,
Paris-Meudon Observatory,
5 place Janssen,
92195 Meudon cedex, France

3- Commercial or industrial use of the data is not allowed without previous agreement with the PI of the scientific program (see name and address above)

4- You may share these data with colleagues, provided you inform
them of these conditions.

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