July 10, 2008 - NMDB phone conference

The NMDB project will have a phone conference on Thursday, July 10 starting at 7UT (9CET).

All project participants shall prepare a written report, which they submit to their work package leader and the project coordinator at least one week before (July 3rd) the phone conference. The report shall be either in plain text (ASCII) or PDF format.

Agenda of the phone conference on July 10, 2008:

status of the project (CAU)

select new work package leaders for WP2, WP4 (CAU)

reports from the work packages:
WP1 (CAU and participants)
WP2 (CAU and participants)
WP3 (NKUA and participants)
WP4 (CAU and participants)
WP5 (IZMIRAN and participants)
WP6 (OBSParis and participants)

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