24-26 November, 2012, - NMDB Meeting, Athens, Greece

A NMDB meeting will be hosted from November 24-26, 2012 in Athens, Greece.

This meeting is designed for the users and developers of NMDB and thus it is constrained within NMDB consortium limits.

  • The meeting will be conducted at the Secretariat Room of the Physics Department, which is equipped with a projector and a WiFi connection covering all of the working space. All attendees are encouraged to use their own laptops/notebooks.
  • The Athens Neutron Monitor laboratory will be at the disposal of all attendees. A portable projector and a set of seven desktop PCs with LAN connection will be available at the laboratory's working space throughout the Workshop. A dedicated WiFi connection will also be established at the Station. All attendees are welcomed to use their own laptops/notebooks.
  • All attendees will be hosted at the Students Residence Hall at the campus of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. A list of names has been delivered to the desk of the Residence Hall(More info on the Students Residence Hall can be extracted here (pdf / 828.45 kB) and here (pdf / 158.15 kB).
  • All meals will be served at the Student's Restaurant of the NKUA campus.
  • Coffee breaks will be provided within the working space of the Secreteriat Room at the Physics Department.
  • The scientific program is close to final, the latest draft will be uploaded soon
  • Useful documents
  • Find a printable version of the scientific program here (pdf / 1.10 MB).
  • Find the time schedule of the internal bus line here (pdf / 15.41 kB).
  • Find a printable brochure with information on transportation here (pdf / 150.15 kB).
  • Find a printable brochure with information on accomodation here (pdf / 828.45 kB).
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