March 11-13, 2011 - Athens NMDB Workshop on Data Quality

This is the first announcement of a workshop on data quality that the NMDB consortium will host from March 11-13, 2011 in Athens, Greece. This workshop is designed for the users and developers of NMDB and thus it is constrained within NMDB consortium limits.

  • Due to the anticipated number of participants, all of the classes will be conducted at the Secretariat Room of the Physics Department, which is equipped with a projector and a wifi connection covering all of the working space. All attendees are encouraged to use their own laptops/notebooks.
  • The Athens Neutron Monitor laboratory will be at the disposal of all attendees. A portable projector and a set of seven desktop PCs with LAN connection will be available at the laboratory's working space throughout the Workshop. All attendees are welcomed to use their own laptops/notebooks.
  • All attendees will be hosted at the Students Residence Hall at the campus of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. The cost has been set to 4 euros per person, per night. All attendees are expected to cover this expense on their own budget. The accommodation has been set to by activated from Wednesday March 9, 2011 until Monday March 14, 2011 (More info on the Students Residence Hall can be extracted here (pdf / 828.45 kB) and here (pdf / 158.15 kB).
  • Daily expenses, in the form of two meals per day, per person is set to 5 euros. All meals will be served at the Student's Restaurant of the NKUA campus. All attendees are expected to cover this expense on their own budget.
  • The scientific program is close to final, the latest draft can be found here
  • Useful documents
  • Find a printable version of the scientific program here.
  • Find the time schedule of the internal bus line here (pdf / 15.41 kB).
  • Find a printable mini-poster here (pdf / 445.56 kB).
  • Find a printable brochure with information on transportation here (pdf / 150.15 kB)
  • Find a printable brochure with information on accommodation here (pdf / 828.45 kB).
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