Server hardware specification

Recommendations (from OMR/CAU):

* Mainboard ASUS P5B-VM
* Intel Dual Core 2 CPU
* 4GB RAM PC8000 DDR2
* 5x Seagate Barracuda NS 750GB SATA "RAID editon"
* ICY SATA dock MB-455SPF (or similar), hot swappable:

The mainboard has five SATA ports on-board and one external, as well as an IDE connector for a CDROM/DVD drive (installation, recovery).

The Barracuda NS HDs include (at least in Germany) 4 years of warranty and very good and quick service. You might want to get a 6th cold-spare HD. The five SATA disks will sit in an Icy box (hot swappable) and will be partitoned like this:

4GB swap
4GB root (/)
4GB /usr
8GB /var
730GB /data (will hold the database)

All disks will be partitioned equally as multiple software RAID6 (3 active discs, 2 redundancies - this is obviously better than RAID5 - two disks may fail at the same time). This gives us some time to get a disk replaced in case of failure.

The following RAID setup provides the possibility to mount /usr read only for security reasons. A separate /var partition minimizes the effects of a full /var tree (caused by extensive logging, for example):

md0 RAID6 (3x4=)12 GB swap
md1 RAID6 (3x4=)12 GB /
md2 RAID6 (3x4=)12 GB /usr
md3 RAID6 (3x8=)24 GB /var
md4 RAID6 (3x730=)2190 GB /data

In addition, you will need a computer case of you choice, preferably a Chieftec tower or a 19" rack case with a solid 500W power supply.
I would not recommend to use a multiple (redundant) power supply because this introduces another single point of failure, the power supply switching bridge.

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