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WP4 User tools

All NMDB participants provide information about the applications, programming languages and tools they use.

Some ideas for User tools / SQL queries to be developed for using the data

  • download (and plot?) hourly countrates for one/several station for the last 30 days
  • download (and plot?) data from the NMstation_env tables of NMDB (temperature, relative humidity) for one NM station and for a selected time period
  • get a station list from db, cutoff, coordinates, numer of tubes, ...
  • determine the time and date of the latest dataset for a station (for all stations when using station list)
  • download the meta data for one/several stations for a selected time period

Some ideas for User tools / SQL queries to be developed for uploading data

  • upload historical data for a station (Oliver's python scripts?)
  • upload data (in "standard" hourly and minutely format) from one station to its tables in a safe way, ie check for existing tables, check for the latest available data in the DB and upload only newer data, check if upload has to be done on ori or rev table, ...
  • upload/edit comments and environmental data (webbased?)

Tasks, description, and responsible people

  • Online retrieval tool - plot and download data. Main tool to work with. Various averages, plots etc. Aragats.
  • DB Checker tool. Oulu. Need suggestions from others, what scientific checks could be run on data.
  • C++ code for export and import data from NMDB into a program. Askar. Done.
  • C code. Kosice. Underway.
  • IDL tools, Paris. Done.
  • Online correction tool. Upload a text file via web, parse and replace data in NMDB (way to correct weird data). Needed or not? feedback needed
  • Online environment log editor tool. Oulu + Kosice
  • Form to ask for help online with something
  • Online editor for META info, Athens.
  • A simple online tool that shows last date in each table. Kosice.


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