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WP6 Training and dissemination / public outreach

NMDB brochures

Short overviews of the rationale and activities of NMDB are given in the following brochures:


addresses mainly university-level students, researchers and engineers who want to get familiar with cosmic rays and NMDB tools. We intend to develop a web-based system of training courses and public outreach activities.

  • A list of existing web sites is given in the report NKUA_deliverable_6.1_2.pdf
  • The list of subjects to be developed, including writing assignments to the consortium, is given in NMDB_Deliverable_6-2.pdf
  • Status:
    • First written tutorials available:
    • material for research projects: report completed at TAU, some pdf documents will become available on the NMDB server (Training section)
    • coordinated by OBSPARIS.
  • Training course Athens September 2009: report has been submitted.

Public outreach

  • A concept is discussed in the report Rome_Report-NMDB_2.pdf
  • Status (as of 23 November 2009):
    • English version is operational at
    • Translations into several partner languages will become available. Work in progress (coordinated by Almaty).
    • mailbox for questions established
    • overall coordination OBSPARIS.

Public outreach: telecon on 17 April 2009 about the progress of the PO web site

List of decisions at

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