December 3-5, 2009 - NMDB Athens final Meeting

The NMDB final meeting will be held in Athens from December 3-5, 2009 at the
Physics Department of the National & Kapodistrain University of Athens.

Short reports for November 1 - November 30, 2009


  • participation in the November telecons
  • submitted report on training course (Deliverable 6.7)
  • proof-read four versions of Deliverable 6.4
  • website: chmod +x /usr/share/drupal6/sites/default/files/images/
  • restored WP6 page, attempted to restore attachments to this page
  • public outreach translations into german in cooperation with UBern
  • regular backup of database and webserver
  • setup mirrors DB02, and DB03. DB03 is available for direct acccess for non-NMDB users
  • short python example to download ori and 1h data directly from DB03


  • participation in the November telecons
  • webpage translation into spanish
  • interface to Kiel's NM board developed
  • integration tests


  • Participation in the November telecons
  • PO webpage translation into Greek
  • Participation at ESWW6 and to the NMDB fair
  • Submitted a paper on NMDB at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
  • Submitted an article on NMDB TC at the Academic Newspaper: 'To Kapodistriako'
  • Organization of the final meeting at Athens
  • Provided input for the reports 6.5 & 5.3.3, still a work in progress
  • Performed work for the transition of the NM-BANGLE executable output to NMDB database
  • Creating the final presentations on WP3 and partial parts of WP5 & WP6


  • participation in the November telecons
  • public outreach translation into Kazakh


  • participation in the first November telecon
  • public outreach translation into Slovak
  • finalizing of delivery 5.6 (merged by E. Eroshenko)


  • Organisation of & participation in November telecons
  • NEST improvments: help file, possibility to display null values in ascii files as requested by M. Parisi and E. Eroshenko, $_POST and $_GET values checking function, extended possibility to retrieve data (ascii and/or plots) with wget utility (needs feedback of users).
  • Represnetation of NMDB at the Eurpean Space Weather Week Brussels (invited talk on NMDB)
  • Work on training material


  • Participation in the November telecons.
  • New improving of the software sending on-line data to NMDB. The requested recommendations have been taken into account.
  • Completion of the IDL program to analyse the cosmic ray diurnal variations.
  • Working of public outreach translations in Italian language.


  • Participation in the November telecon.
  • Discussion of clarification about GLE parameters with NKUA
  • Writing of software documentation of deliverable 5.3 for the documentation library (del. 5.7)
  • Compilation of informations for background information on the calculation of CR parameters (GCR+SCR) (deliverable 6.5)
  • Work on translation of PO page into German.