NMDB news

A GLE on 10 September 2017 – the first since 2012

More details here.

Forbush database -- 27.04.2017

A Report on the creation of the Database on the Forbush effects and interplanetary disturbances has been published by the IZMIRAN group.

John Simpson Centennial! -- 03.11.2016

John Simpson, the inventor of the Neutron Monitor, was born on 3 November 1916.

Jang Bogo (JBGO) data since 15 Dec 2015 -- 08.09.2016

Data from the "new" station Jang Bogo is now available in real-time in NMDB.
Stay tuned for futher station_information.

New real-time stations in NMDB -- 26.07.2016

The South African stations (HRMS, PFTM, and TSMB; SNAE and SANB will follow soon) are now providing real-time data to NMDB. Already last year CALG, DRBS, and PSNM (not yet real-time) joined NMDB.

Is there a next solar cosmic ray ground level event (GLE) observed by the neutron monitor network on 6 January 2014 at around 0800 UT? -- 17.10.2014

The potential GLE on 6 January 2014 was observed at ground level only by the high alitude, polar neutron monitor stations: South Pole Neutron Monitor (SOPO) and South Pole Bare Neutron Monitor (SOPB). Discussions are ongoing, if the solar cosmic ray event on 6 January 2014 will be included in the GLE list.

GLE71 spotted in real-time by the GLE Alert service of NMDB -- 24.05.2012

GLE71 was detected in real-time by the GLE Alert service of NMDB on 17 May 2012 at 02:13 UT
Relevant information on the real-time GLE Alert of GLE71 is available here.

GLE was observed by neutron monitor network on 17 May 2012 with onset around 0150 UT. -- 18.05.2012

First information on the GLE is available here.

Barometric Coefficient Calculations through NMDB -- 03.02.2012

An online tool which can effectively calculate the barometric coefficient of a cosmic ray station, using the data of NMDB database has been added at the Data and Products section.

New NEST, new real-time data -- 22.12.2011

Real-time data from the Bartols Neutron Monitors is available in NMDB and NEST since early November, closing the gap in the American sector. NEST has been updated to show data from these eight new stations and with other new features. We will continue to work on filling the few remaining gaps in 2012 and we are grateful to all stations that are providing their data via NMDB. As our database is growing, it is increasingly used in fields not directly related to Cosmic Rays, which shows the success of our project.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New station joins NMDB -- 03.05.2011

The Plateau de Bure Neutron Monitor (BURE) is joining NMDB as a new data provider.

New stations join NMDB -- 18.04.2011

Today the South African stations Tsumeb (TSUM), Potchefstroom (POTC), Hermanus (HERM), and Sanae (SANA and SAND) join NMDB.

Sever ugrades: Debian/squeeze -- 17.03.2011

The NMDB servers have been upgraded to the new Debian stable release, which was released last month.
If you experience problems with access to NEST, try to clear the cache, cookies, and history of your browser. In case this does not help, please send a mail.

NMDB science news: cosmic ray variations due to the Earth's magnetic field -- 07.03.2011

This illustration of recent NMDB observations shows how the Earth's magnetic field may create variations of the neutron monitor count rate. More information here.

First American station -- 14.02.2011

After Zugspitze (Schneeferneerhaus),Koldewey (Spitzbergen) and Dourbes joined NMDB already last year, today the first American station, Mexico City (MXCO), joins NMDB.

NMDB mirror in Moscow operating again -- 24.11.2010

The NMDB mirror in Moscow (db10) is operating again and provides, like the mirror in Athens (db20), real-time access for applications and registered users to all NMDB data.

New NMDB Conference Proceedings Out -- 12.09.2010

A new publication on the overall status of NMDB has been published. It is the accompanied proceedings of an oral presentation given at the 9th Hellenic Astronomical Union Conference and was published at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (volume 424). More information and a link are available through the NMDB's publication's section here.

Article at Eos of AGU -- 31.08.2010

An article at Eos of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) mentioning NMDB's goals and achievements has been published. More information is available through the NMDB's publication's section here.

New NMDB Paper Out -- 17.07.2010

A new publication on the Implementation of the GLE Alert system for the NMDB is finally in the production phase. The author proofs of the publication can be downloaded by the Publication section of the NMDB webpage, here.

Kerguelen neutron monitor data in near real time -- 28.04.2010

After two weeks of tests, the new registration system installed in Kerguelen
NM station by IPEV proved to be reliable and stable. The minute data is now provided in near real time to NMDB by Paris Observatory and can be seen on www.nmdb.eu (cosmic rays now!) or with Nest tool (nest.nmdb.eu or nest2.nmdb.eu).

Jungfraujoch neutron monitor data in near real time -- 05.04.2010

Since March 2010 two further neutron monitors povide their data to NMDB in real-time. The team at the University of Bern put into operation the new, fast ethernet connection between the High Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch and Bern. As a consequence, the Jungfraujoch neutron monitor data are now sent to NMDB every minute with a delay of some seconds. See the most recent data at NMDB.

Database training -- 05.12.2009

A brief training course on NMDB database access has been held after the NMDB meeting in Athens. The NEST presentation and the sourcecode for the tools presented is available on the source code website.

New Website design online -- 04.12.2009

The Aragats group has created a new design for the NMDB website, this has now been enabled for the main page.

Training -- 03.12.2009

In September, 2009 a Training course in science and applications was organized in Athens. The training material is now being made availabe on our new Training website.