WP5. During July – August 2009 we forced to change radically our operation platform and software on the Emilio Segre Observatory with transfer from Windows to LYNUX (UBUNTU 9.04), software of data transition from DOS computer of registration to LYNUX computer of preliminary filtration and primary analysis under LYNUX.
This drastically change was caused by absence of necessary level of stability and protection of existed system worked under Windows.
We used HAMACHY soft for generation of virtual permanent IP and DROPBOX software for sharing of directories in LYNUX computer in observatory on Mount Hermon with server computer in TAU. In time being we finish tests of stability of new system and hope next week to start experimental mode of real observational time data upload to NMDB database server.

WP6. During July we prepared draft of science educational projects for school (K12), college and universities students based on using of real observational data from NMDB archives and real time data (one school laboratory experiment and 5 Internet–based projects (see in http://www.tau.ac.il/institutes/advanced/cosmic/education/ESOI-WP6-6.pdf ).
In time being this text is edited by English-native editor).