Detection of the secondary fluxes of cosmic rays

1. Modeling of the detector response.
  1.1 Response of Particle detectors.
  1.2 Efficiency and purity.
  1.3 Cuts for solving different physical problems.
2. Time series of secondary cosmic rays; smoothing and filtering techniques.
  2.1 Types of particle detector failures encounter during cosmic ray flux multiyear monitoring.
  2.2 Moving Median Filter (MMF) – “horizontal” median.
  2.3 Relational Median filter for multichannel measurements (RMF); “vertical median”.
  2.4 Verification of filtering algorithms.
  2.5 Monitoring of the stability of measuring channels.
3. Calculating statistical significance of the detected peaks in time series.
  3.1 GLE N 68 detected by Aragats Multichannel Muon Monitor.
  3.2 Analysis of the residuals (checking the Gaussian model).
  3.3 Calculation of the chance probability.
  3.4 Effect of the multiple attempts in searches of “biggest” deviation from H0.
4. Recovering of the primary particle intensities.
  4.1 Integral and Differencial spectra of primary and secondary cosmic rays.
  4.2 Estimation of the power index of GLE N 69 on January 20, 2005.