The heliosphere and galactic cosmic rays: modulation, Forbush decreases (Anatoly Belov)

A. The changes of heliosphere and long time cosmic ray variations.

· Observations of cosmic ray modulation on the Earth.

· Correlation of long-term CR variations with solar activity.

· Solar activity cycle and solar magnetic cycle: manifestations in cosmic rays.

· Long time variations of CR anisotropy and gradients.

· Rigidity spectrum of long-term CR variations.

· The effect of hysteresis and size of the heliosphere.

· Peculiarities of CR variations in minima and maxima of the solar activity.

B. Forbush decreases – storms in cosmic rays.

· What is the Forbush decrease? Types of FDs.

· When do Forbush decreases occur?

· Cosmic ray anisotropy in Forbush decreases.

· FD relations to characteristic of solar wind disturbances.

· FD relations to geomagnetic activity.

· FD relations to solar sources.

· Precursors of Forbush decreases and geomagnetic storms.

· FD observations in real time.

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