Origin of solar cosmic rays: flares, CMEs, SEP events (Karl-Ludwig Klein)

1.) The solar corona, flares, and coronal mass ejections: some illustrative observations

2.) Observational evidence on magnetic reconnection in solar flares

[*] a) Radio and X-ray observations of a simple flare
[*] b) A cartoon scenario of magnetic reconnection in solar flares
[*] c) Confrontation with observations

3.) Coronal mass ejections (CMEs), shock waves, and magnetic reconnection
[*] a) Observations
[*] b) MHD speeds in the corona and the generation of CME shocks

4.) Solar energetic particle (SEP) events
[*] a) Particle species and energies
[*] b) Ground level enhancements
[*] c) Associations with flares and CMEs
[*] d) The origin of SEP events: ideas and open questions

5.) Elementary illustration of particle acceleration processes in flares and CMEs:
[*] direct electric fields,
[*] turbulence,
[*] shock waves

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