July 12, 2009 - meeting at ICRC

Meeting at ICRC.
Date: 11.07.2009
Time: 09:00-12:30CEST
Location: to be announced later by Ashot?

Short reports for June 1 - June 30, 2009

to be submitted before July 1st, 2009


  • participation telecon on 4 June 2009
  • UBern put page "Ground based measurements: NMs and other techniques" on www.nmdb.eu.
  • Assemble two workstations with 2 CPUs QuadCore AMD Opteron 64, 2.3GHz, RAM 16.75GB each with OS Linux openSuSE 11.1 for the computation of effective radiation dose and ionization rate in the atmosphere. Installation of Sun Grid Engine for cluster operation of the two workstations.


  • participation telecon on 4 June 2009
  • proofreading of DoW updated by EC for Alcala amendment
  • updates to the STATION_env tables (temperature inside and outside)


  • Participation telecon on 4 June 2009
  • Document elaboration
  • FPGA software testing


  • participation telecon on 4 June 2009
  • preparation of the posters and oral presentations to the ICRC
  • Adjusting and regulating the Internet project on the Alert Applocation (WP5.1)for real time mode.
  • Adjusting and regulating the Internet project on the hourly CR variations (asymptotic distribution and precursors)
  • Adjusting and regulating the Internet project on the daily spectra of CR putting results to nmdb site for use them by UBERN.
  • Coordination work on the calculation of GLE parameters in real time within two approaches: NKUA and Apatity
  • Supporting of the mirror server
  • Preparing of Deliverable reports on WP5.2 and WP5.4.1
  • Elaboration of a Tool for obtaining hourly data in real time from Stations Jing, Jun1 and Mirny.


    • no news - holiday season


    • Participation at the teleconference of June 4, 2009
    • Preparation of the poster presentations for ICRC
    • Fullfilled del 3.4 (prototype registration system) and produced the corresponding documentation
    • Finalized the executable for quasi real-time GLE parameters calculations, based on NM-BANGLE software
    • Produced a short documentation on del. 5.2 (GLE parameters calculations)
    • Prepared and sent the acceptance letters for the applicants of the training course (TC).
    • Initiated negotiations for extra accomodation and a discount at the accomodation price with our home institute's management, with the scope to make more funds available for the TC
    • Applied for and confirmed further financial support for the TC, in the form of coffee breaks.
    • Raised constant communication with all applicants of the TC.


    • Filtering algorithms are implementing for both Aragats Neutron Monitors NANM, located at altitude 2000m and ARNM, located at altitude 3200m.
    • New data acquisition and networking software was successfully tested.
    • New design of data base is under development.
    • Aragats group prepared materials for the Education site.


    • WP3: design for new registration system based on Xilinx FPGA - Embeded Linux on Microblaze softcore have been implemented, FPGA design for measuring parts in progress.
    • WP4: C++ functions (using MYSQL++ library) for database checker tasks (OULU)Functions: GetListStations, CheckForNull and CheckForGaps finished.
    • Participation telecon on 4 June 2009.
    • WP5: preparing paper for ICRC.


    • participation telecon on 4 June 2009
    • preparation of the posters for the ICRC
    • meeting with Berhard Fabianek and Adriana Lojova from European Commission (High Perfomance Computing, GEANT and e-Infrastructures) and discussion on NMDB project


    • Participation telecom on 4 June 2009
    • Continuous control of the on-line data transfer for the 1-min and 1h to NMDB server. Recovering of the Rome data from May 16 to May 26 caused by a link interruption and loading in the NMDB server. Also data from June 20 and 21 have been recovered after a power station stop in our Department.
    • Working on installation of a meteorological station (funded by Rome Tre University) for external measurements of pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, rain gauge and solar radiation.
    • WP 5.6: daily pressure corrected data of the Rome NM from July 1957 to December 2008 have been sent to Kosice colleague.
    • WP 5.6: elaboration of the diurnal anisotropy on December 2008 by using the hourly data of Moscow, Oulu, Lomnicky Stit and Rome and relation with interplanetary parameters.


    • organisation of, participation in the NMDB monthly telecon June 4
    • representation of NMDB at the FP7 (e-infrastructures) call information meeting in Brussels on June 18
    • writing and re-writing of PO material: review of existing contributions, completion + rewriting; requests of permission to publish figures; preliminary public version of PO site ready July 1st
    • preparation of the training course (organisation of lectures, contact with SOC and lecturers)
    • 3rd NMDB brochure completed July 1st
    • NEST improvements: add time resolution option, optimization of the graph drawing (duration) with a resampling function, add thick line option, add % increase for single station plots, connection to mirrors, use of median absolute deviation for mean calculation robustness, help file update...


    • In June 2009 we continue to support the work of neutron supermonitor on Mt. Hermon one-min and one-hour data in real-time mode. The prepared Tables with one-hour data for June 2009 were sent to users at July 2.
    • WP5 - We prepared ALL archive files of ESOI CR observations from 1998 up to June 2009 for transfer into NMDB database. We succeed to transfer only 1- h data. Unfortunately during transfer 1-min data, the server of NMDB stopped its work from unknown reason. We attempted to continue transfer daily, but up today unsuccessfully. We use for transfer program of IZMIRAN (IMPORT.EXE with correspondent parameters.ini file), but from moment of crash of NMDB server 10 days ago this program does not work. We will be thankful for new software for automatically and/or manual transfer.
    • WP6 - We continue work on preparation description of possible educational projects with using of NMDB database in ASTROTOP science educational program what we realize now. Unfortunately, Lev Pustil’nik was extremely busy last weeks and he was unable to finish the matter for WP6 as he promised in previous telecom. He asks his pardon and will try to finish it in the next weeks.
    • In June 2009 Lev Dorman take part in 19-th ESA Symposium in Germany (report Cosmic ray influence on atmospheric physics and chemistry, paper was submitted for publication) and in 12-th Solar Wind Conference in France (two reports: 1. Solar wind and cosmic ray anisotropy; 2. Gamma rays from cosmic ray interaction with upper corona and solar wind; papers will be submitted for publication in September 2009).