Heliospheric magnetic field: models and observations (Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber)

1.) Solar wind - proof of existence, general properties
2.) General properties of the interplanetary magnetic field
3.) The frozen-in magnetic field approximation
4.) Archimedian or Parker spiral
5.) Observations at 1 AU, distributions around the expected Parker angle
6.) Fast and slow wind and the formation of CIRs
7.) Disturbing the field - Coronal Mass Ejections
8.) Solar origin of the magnetic field, dynamo, Hale's law
9.) A simple coupled dynamo model and consequences for the Sun
10.) The solar magnetic cycle and implications for heliospheric structure
11.) Complications 1: The hairy-ball appoximation to coronal fields
12.) Complications 2: Models that allow perpendicular transport (Fisk, Jokipii)
13.) Summary

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