June 4, 2009 - NMDB phone conference

Short reports for period May 1 - May 31, 2009


  • participation in the May telecon
  • set up Moscow mirror (db10)
  • set up access restriction for UBern, OBSParis, CAU
  • identified data transmission problem in OULU
  • "standard" data upload algorithm


  • participation in the May telecon


  • participation telecon on 4 May 2009
  • assistance in developing PO webpage (WP6). UBern has written first draft of page "Ground based measurements: NMs and other techniques".
  • writing one proceeding for ICRC, assistance in developing contributions of other NMDB members
  • developed a software to visualize the computed results of ionization and dose rates for deliverable 5.3.3
  • started to develop software to get GCR parameters from NMDB and Kp index from the internet for deliverable 5.3.3


  • Schematics revision
  • PCB layout in progress
  • FPGA system level simulation finished
  • First tests of the synthetized FPGA
  • MySQL client library compiled and tested for AVR32 uController.
  • I2C bus and watchdog software testing


  • New powerful radio-bridges are purchased and installed also in Nor Amberd.
  • Due to quit from CRD software engineer Aram Yegikyan several problems of handover and knowledge transfer arise. The new software engineer started to revise existent software and modernize old parts of it, including data transfer to NMDB, ANM and NANM correcting algorithms, etc… .
  • It was decided to change the rout of data transfer to NMDB. Previously data was first migrated to Aragats mirror server in Chicago, USA and from there to NMDB servers in Europe. Now it is routing directly from CRD servers in Yerevan; for it following tasks were performed (part of tasks are not finished yet).
  • Data acquisition and networking software was modernized and now are under testing.
  • Implementation of the alert system based on information from Neutron Monitors and GOES X-ray sensors is continued. Software for correcting data of Aragats neutron monitors and checking NMDB are under testing.
  • Aragats group is preparing materials for the Education site to be finished in June.


  • participation at the May telecon
  • the electronic block has been made and established, it allows to reload operational system and to make active the software of the buzzed computer through an efficient computer by means of the removed access
  • preparation the paper “A real-time search for solar neutron events in the data of high-altitude neutron monitors”, this paper was finished and submitted to 31 ICRC in Lodz (jointly with IZMIRAN team and co-authorship including NMDB team)
  • taking part in creation of the Internet project on solar neutron alert system (in collaboration with IZMIRAN team)


  • organisation of, participation in the NMDB monthly telecon May 4
  • writing and re-writing of PO material (responsability taken over from Rome): review of existing contributions, completion + rewriting, writing of new contributions on CR in the magnetosphere and the atmosphere (in progress)
  • improvments of the NEST tool
    • Fractional year available as an option for ascii retrieval
    • The code was modified in order to allow ascii and/or plot retrieval without going through the form (parameters can be passed via the address form example). A kind of user manual still need to be added online.
    • Minor options added and some bugs corrected. Other tools still under development (zip file, plot of env. data, % increase scale, see a 'to do' list on NEST web page)
  • preparation of the training course (organisation of lectures, contact with SOC and lecturers)
  • lead of a two-page paper on NMDB for ICRC; contribution to the discussion of other NMDB-related ICRC papers.


  • participation telecon on 4 May 2009
  • during May we start transferring of 1-minute data of ESOI archive into NMDB database and succeeded to transfer data for the last 6 years: 2009, 2008,2007, 2006, 2005, and 2004.
  • During May we start attempts of real time remote collection of observational data in ESOI server in Qazrin on the base of cell telephon INTERNET access to Hermon’s observatory. Realization of this program meet with principal problems of distortion of format of registered data during specific failuresof the registration system. In time are being we test special software and algorithms for cleaning from these distortions and restoration of primary data
  • submited paper for presentation on 31st ICRC, 2009 on using NM network and SA data for forecasting of radiation hazard for spaceprobes and aircrafts from galactic CR in dependence of shielding and other parameters, submited abstracts on CR influence on the physical and chemical processes in the Earth's atmosphere for presentation on 19th ESA Symposium (7-12 June 2009, Germany); submitted two abstracts on interaction of CR with solar wind (papers in preparation) for presentation on 12th Solar Wind Conference (21-26 June 2009, France).
  • preparation of schematically draft of research educational projects in CR-Space Weather field, with requests to creators and developers of NMDB atabase on interface, access, and presentations of matter.


  • participation telecon on 4 May 2009
  • set up Moscow mirror (db10)
  • improvments of the tool for data quality checking
  • improvments of the software on the GLE ALERT application (for proton and neutron events)
  • improvments of the software on the implementation of galactic CR data from nmdb, on the visualization of real time calculation of the GCR parameters and hourly-daily spectra
  • preparation of these internet projects for putting links to the nmdb site
  • development of the method of data correction for snow at some stations
  • preparing and submitting to ICRC31 of 8 reports based on the nmdb data
  • contribution materials to PO on the "NM Network" item


Management (WP1)

  • Participation at the telecon on May 5, 2009 (Mavromichalaki, Gerontidou, Papaioannou, Sarlanis)
  • Montly short reports useful for telecons where submitted.
  • Contact with EURO- VO-AIDA for possible collaboration
  • Submitted abstracts and the full papers for presentation at the 31st ICRC 2009, concerning WP5.

Architectural Design (WP2)

  • NKUA set up its mirror database with co-operation of CAU. While the
    NKUA mirror database was working robustly, a software error occurred.
    NKUA is currently working on this issue.
  • Software for the validation of NKUA’s NM data has been created. The first
    phase of test bending data against this algorithm has been performed.

Guidelines for data acquisition (WP3)

  • The novel registration system has been designed implemented and set up
    and it is currently operating at a test mode at the Athens NM station.
    Validation and fine tuning is underway.
  • A draft of Del.3.3 is going to be completed and it will shortly be send to all participants of NMDB consortium for comments. A first draft has already send to Project Administrator.

User Tools (WP4)

  • Implementation of user tool based on V.B. with the scope to support data input from NMDB to the GLE Alert.
  • Implementation of user tool based on V.B. with the scope to support data input from NMDB GLE Alert to NM BANGLE model.

Applications/Service (WP5)

  • Realization of the NM-BANGLE.exe. Software tuning between GLE Alert algorithm output and NM-BANGLE input have been performed. Currently a ‘virtual’ database containing historical data has been implemented, feeding data to the first algorithm (GLE Alert) and transferring the results as an input to NM-BANGLE. Validation is underway.

Training & Public Outreach (WP6)

  • Preparation of the training course (secure the classroom and the laboratories, housing for the students, manage the applications of potentional attendants, organize the public talk at the central building of the NKUA, invitations for the public talk, reception, etc)
  • Preparation of useful brochures for the training course organization with maps,transportation and accommodation information.
  • Preparation of a statistical report (.xls), concerning all applicants of the training course.
  • Preparation of tutorials on Impact (technological effects)
  • Formatted the training school’s schedule in co-operation with the SOC.
  • Edited NMDB nodes 123 and 153.

Kosice (taken from quarterly report)

WP3 – Guidelines for data acquisition

  • old data (1-min, 1-hour from JAN-2001, Lomnický štít) have been corrected (correction for efficiency)
  • design for new registration system based on Xilinx FPGA (Embeded Linux, no standard PC required) have been proposed

WP4 – User tools

WP5 – Applications/Service

  • Paper „On mid-term periodicities in cosmic rays: utilizing the NMDB archive“ was finished and submitted to ICRC Lodz (paper ID 1126), prepared jointly with NKUA and coauthorship including „for NMDB team“. (WP 5.6).


UniRoma3 has been unable to report any work in May, 2009.