May 4, 2009 - NMDB phone conference

Short reports for April 1 - April 30, 2009


  • participation in the April telecon
  • participation in the WP6 / public outreach telecon
  • prepared NMDB_resolution_2009-05-04.cts.1
  • collected information and finalized NEF session for Alcala accession
  • delivered poster and public outreach brochures for EGU meeting
  • collected FormC from all partners by April 21 and forwarded them to the EC on April 22
  • set up master-master mirror db01 <-> db02
  • set up read-only slave db02 -> db04
  • set up Athens mirror
  • fixed replication lag problem together with Askar
  • set up Oulu mirror


  • participation in the April telecon
  • script to the 1 minute data retrieve from NMDB to local files in Kosice. Daily update for previous day. Data format for Origin data processing - WP5
  • completing 'C interface to NMDB' in User tools to send the data to/retrieve from NMDB website section
  • utility for data checking (0 or NULL values and the data gaps) - finished to the end of the April


  • organisation of, participation in the NMDB monthly telecon April 6
  • organisation of, participation in the WP6 telecon April 17 (PO web site)
  • representation of NMDB at the EGU conference Vienna (April 20-24; 1 oral contribution + 1 poster on NMDB; KL Klein), and at the Space Weather Workshop in Boulder, CO (1 poster; N. Fuller)
  • Some improvments of the NEST tool
  • preparation of the training course: announcement on various conference sites (IAU, SPA/AGU, Solar News (SPD), Physics Today), mini-poster
  • participation in discussions on the NMDB PO web site; writing of PO material (origin of SCR)


  • Participation in the April 6, telecon
  • Preparation of the training course (secure the classroom and the laboratories, housing for the students, manage the applications of potentional attendants, organize the Public talk at the central building of the NKUA etc)
  • Made improvements at the Impact page of the PO website in agreement with the editing of M. Parisi
  • NKUA mirroring of the NMDB has been accomplished in co-operation with CAU
  • A novel algorithm for the validation NKUA's NM data has been created. At this phase all NKUA's data are being test bended against this algorithm.
  • Preparation of NMDB papers for 31st ICRC, 2009
  • Instructions for the implementation of the mirroring has been produced


  • Participation in the April 6, telecon
  • Some work by Askar?


  • Participation in the April telecon.
  • Attendance (Rolf Bütikofer) on an information meeting about EU projects hold by University of Bern. Writing a memo about the meeting for the attention of the NMDB consortium.
  • Writing a short article about the efficiency correction of NM data together with IZMIRAN (Eugenia Eroshenko) and publication on the NMDB webpage:
  • Looking through the PO webpages and sending comments to workpackage leader of WP6.
  • Erwin O. Flückiger attended COST meeting in Frascati and EGU meeting in Vienna. During both meetings discussions about NMDB were carried out.
  • Development of IDL programs to produce plots of ionization and radiation dose rates (deliverable 5.3.3).
  • Evaluation of a computer system that will be used to carry out the computations for deliverable 5.3.
  • Preparation of a NMDB paper for 31st ICRC.


  • Participation in the April telecon.
  • Writing a short article about the efficiency correction of NM data together with BERN (Rolf Beautikofer) and checking on the NMDB webpage:
  • Writing three parts for PO webpage (NM); reloading them after further correction
  • Working on Deliverables 5.1, 5.2, 5.4.1, 5.4.2, 5.5. Improving the internet projects on these deliverables. Checking and control of data in use for the applications. Calculations with real time data and with data after correction their quality, comparing the results. Some stations must very seriously check their ability to provide good data.
  • Development of a method for automated correction data for snow (estimation of snow tickness and its variation). Comparison of the results after handle and automated correction (for the stations ESOI, Jungfraujoch, Lomnitsky Stit, Magadan).
  • Installation of a mirror server with a great help from NKUA.
  • Preparation of the NMDB papers for the 31st ICRC.
  • A set of lectures and excursions for schoolchildren about NMs and their data implementation.


  • Participation in the April telecon.
  • Some improvements on the registration systems (basic and reserved).
  • Working on Deliverables 5.1, 5.6.
  • Preparation of a NMDB paper for 31st ICRC.


  • First version of the schematics of the data capture and preprocessing
  • Bill of materials.
  • PCB pre-layout and parameter definition.
  • Revision of land patterns with the real components and modification
    for easing future soldering tasks.
  • FPGA software for counters, clocks, timing and DHS interfacing.
  • DHS kernel customization.
  • DHS software for UART communication.
  • Draft document for a data acquisition system based on a FPGA and a
    linux based embedded system.


  • Archive of neutron monitors.
  • Support of existing infrastructure: upgrading according to the specifications.
  • User tools: the software source code for the user tools developed in this project shall be provided on a publicly available website.
  • Implementation of the alert system based on information from Neutron Monitors and GOES X-ray sensors is continued.

Progress (April-2009) Report of the Aragats team on NMDB project.

UniRoma3, TAU

UniRoma3 and TAU have been unable to report any work in April, 2009.

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