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April 6, 2009 - NMDB phone conference

Short reports for March 1 - April 5, 2009


  • participation at NMDB review meeting on 2nd March in Brussels
  • participation at "Training Course" telecon on 10th March
  • participatation at "Research Infrastructures and the Regional Dimension of ERA" on 24-25th March in Prague
  • presentation of NMDB at AEF2009 on 30st March - 2nd April in Greifswald

Notes for Aragats group activities in February-March, 2009 for April telecon.

  • WP3; WP4: Correction of the time series of ARNM and NANM. Due to mistake in the electronics pressure sensors sporadically generates very high erroneous values. Eugenia pointed to this error several times. After checking and repairing the electronics we implement the median algorithms for data cleaning. Corrected data are in process of uploading to NMDB corresponding columns. Tuning of FE soft according to user comments.
  • WP5: Aragats group students started work with NMDB. The first tasks were:
    a) to calculate barometric coefficients of several monitors and camper barometric coefficients for high and low latitude station, as well as for monitors located at different altitudes.
    b) to calculate daily variation of NM count rate at the start of 24-th solar activity cycle. Again comparisons were made for different NMDB monitors and with muon detectors.
  • WP6: We continue to prepare training material for the Educational site.

IZMIRAN Team, for March 1- April 5

  • WP1: The new Russian stations: Magadan, Tixie Bay, Yakutsk, Irkutsk2 started to send their data into nmdb.
    The full list of NM stations is under improving and some reconstruction;
    Preparation of the Quarterly (next) and telecon reports;
  • WP2: IZMIRAN started work on preparation a server for mirroring the nmdb;
  • WP3: IZMIRAN has helped to ESOI with correction hourly data for the snow and with transferring their archive hourly data to the nmdb;
  • WP4: A software for visualization data which are used in the Applications is created;
  • WP5: The prototypes on the 5.1, 5.4.1, 5.4.2, 5.5 divisions of WP5 are working in real time. A part of Alert program concerned the solar neutron monitoring is elaborated and corresponding internet project is created.
    Now it is the stage of tuning and improving the prototypes, working on the data quality and creating the Internet projects. The internet projects are created and ready on 40-80% for different deliverables. All the materials are placed on the nmdb web site under corresponding item of WP5.
    7 presentations with coauthors from some other Teams are submitted to the ICRC2009 in Poland. The Abstracts are inserted in the nmdb site in 'Publications'.
    Uploading of the corresponding pages on the nmdb web server.
  • WP6: A topic of 'NM Network' for Public Outreach is prepared and uploaded on the web page of nmdb.

TAU Team

During the teleconference an April 6 we suppose report and discuss

  • A. About CR data
    1. Data on neutron flux from ESOI with 1-h time resolution are transfered to NMDB database for ALL data from
    1998 to February 2009 (include). 1-h data for March 2009 will be transferred on the first days of April 2009.
    2. We start filling of 1-m data of ESOI segment of NMDB. First experiment with 1-m data of one randomly
    selected day of observations (26/03/2009) was realized successfully in 31/03/2009. We plan next 2-3 days
    to expand volume of transferred 1-m original data essentially and to transfer all data of 2009 year.
    3. On-line filling of original 1-m data and 1-h data are in preparation. Some problem caused by rare fail
    records, distorted format of string in main file of registration and canceled work of the program of data
    preparation for NMDB format.
  • B. On coupling functions for NMDB neutron monitors. It is very important problem for determining CR variation
    spectrum out of tmosphere from NM data
    1. Together with Ashot we made calculations of coupling functions for NM in
    Armenia and Israel and calculated the change of these functions during CR
    solar cycle and big changes of atmospheric pressure.
    2. TAU team plan step by step to extend these calculations and obtain
    similar results for all NM of NMDB consortium and other NM of world-network.
    3. It will be very important to compare our results with simulations
    of U-Bern team of integral multiplicity or response function (it will be
    good especially discuss this point).
  • C. TAU team prepared algorithms for determining primary spectrum of CR variations out of atmosphere on the basis
    of two or three NM on different altitudes and/or different cutoff rigidities during magnetic quiet and disturbed periods.
    We plan with some other teams training these algorithms for NMDB archive data, and then for real time data.
  • D. I will discuss the statement that preparing scientific papers or book on CR in Magnetosphere (which is very important
    for CR research) is out of NMDB; from my opinion research in cosmic ray variations and related phenomena is included in
    NMDB and can be included in quarterly report. But may be not - let us discuss.
  • E. We will inform the NMDB consortium on preparing 9 papers for 31 ICRC in Poland (4 of them for NMDB team and 5 in
    the frame of NMDB and COST-803 research), 1 paper for ESA Symposium in Germany, and 2 for Solar Wind 12 in France
    (all in the frame of NMDB and COST-803 research).
  • NKUA Team


      • Participation at NMDB review meeting on 2nd March in Brussels
      • Participation at “Training Course” telecom on 10 March
      • Contact with EURO- VO-AIDA for possible collaboration
      • Submitted an abstract on WP5 for presentation of 31st ICRC 2009
      • Submitted an abstract and full paper for presentation of 13th European Conference on Digital Libraries 2009 (Corfu 2009)


      • NKUA set up the server which is going to host the mirror database of NMDB at Athens and it is testing. NKUA team communicates with IZMIRAN group for this task.


      • A draft of the Del.3.3 is completed and has been sent to all participants of NMDB consortium for comments.
      • The design of a PC based registration system is under construction.


      • Implementation of user tool based on V.B. with the scope to support data input from NMDB to the GLE Alert.


      • The GLE alert system operating with NMDB data is completed. Testing of the system with historical data is done and a paper describing this task is submitted for the Proceedings of FORGES.


      • Preparation for the organizing of “Training Course” in Athens has been start. A preliminary webpage is uploaded in NMDB site.
      • Contribution to the Public Outreach on the topics: a) Measurements (Neutron Monitor and Other techniques) and b) Impact (technological and biological effects).

      Almaty Team


      • Sending control and verification of 1-hour and 1-min data of Almaty NM to NMDB in real time.


      • Submitted an abstract on WP5 for presentation of 31st ICRC, 2009.
      • Preparation of neutron monitor data on events of large flares where solar neutrons events could be expected for testing program concerned the solar neutron monitoring. Taking part in creation of the Internet project on solar neutron alert system (in collaboration with IZMIRAN tream).


      • Contribution to the Public Outreach on the topic “Space weather and the use of neutron monitor measurements as predictive tool: solar particle events, interplanetary disturbances”.


      • UBERN (Erwin Flueckiger) attended NMDB review meeting in Brussels on 02.30.2009.
      • Participation (Erwin Flueckiger) at "Training Course" telecon on 10.03.2009.
      • Submitted one abstract for presentation at 31st ICRC 2009.
      • Reprocessing of hourly values of Swiss NMs for time period 1958-present and pooling these data into NMDB (tables JUNG1_1h and JUNG_1h)), pooling meta data into NMDB for 1958-present (tables JUNG1_meta and JUNG_meta)
      • UBERN started to develop software to visualize the computed results of ionization and dose rates for deliverable 5.3.3. Due date 30 April 2009.

      Oulu comments

      Feeding data to NMDB works OK.

      Management of the nmdbinfo server on

      • rare user questions and small adjustments such as creating users and giving hints on website.
      • user accounts on cosmicrays were given to Aram, Nicolas, Victor Yanke and Igor from Kosice to let them upload their work.
      • A preliminary version of log editor for META table of NMDB has been worked out together with Igor, but this will need further work. (This work
        was effectively started, but then Igor disappeared). Presently the status tool needs some further work as it does not automatically collect station
        list from NMDB, it is hardcoded.

      Plans :

      to finish that log editor, create log viewer and create database checker.

      Additionally I would like to discuss the school program with the school SOC. We have recently (mid-March) organized a Space Climate School and Symposium in Finland . I should admit that the School was a failure, because it was too much dispersed (11 lectures on different topics during 3 days) - students were not able to follow the program. I am afraid we may repeat it with nmdb school. I see from the web-page that 12 lecturers are listed. This is too many leading to a too dispersed program. It should be 4 lecturers for the four topics with real intensive courses. Otherwise students cannot learn anything. This will be also more cost-effective.



      • 1 oral contribution and 1 poster will be presented at EGU (Vienna, 19th-24th April), Space Weather Workshop (Boulder, 28th April- 01st May)


      • The NMDB Event Search Tool was further developed, especially with the possibility to overplot data on primary selection (ie corrected + uncorrected + pressure on the same plot). Other features were added and code was improved. It is now available from


      • representation of WP6 at NMDB review meeting on 2nd March in Brussels
      • Training course: organisation of the programmatic planning, telecon on March 10
      • Public Outreach Website: initial setup and writing of the "Summary" section
      • Work on training material (particle acceleration)


      The work done in Kosice with other colleagues of NMDB project during March
      2009 was on the preparation of the paper for ICRC 2009, the abstract is in
      the attachment. It is on WP5, deliverable No 5.6. In more detail: from NMDB
      website the data from AATB (1973-2008), JUNG1 (1986-2007), KIEL
      (1957-2008), MGDN (1971-2008), MOSC (1958-2008), OULU (1964-2008), ROME
      (1988-2008), LOMSTIT (1982-2008) were averaged for each available day and
      checked the various ratios, cleaning of the data is in progress. The work
      is continuing in april and by May 15 will be finished by submission of
      paper (deadline for ICRC papers). The abstract was accepted on March 3 and
      work is continual.
      Additionally i wish to inform you that the Proceedings book of ECRS 2008
      (632 pages) was put today in print, there are several papers prepared with
      the support of NMDB, with the data created by NMDB.


      UniRoma3 has been unable to report any work in March, 2009.