NM64 NM Jungfraujoch (JUNG1)

The detector is housed on the roof of the Research Station Jungfraujoch.

NM64 detector housing
NM64 neutron monitor
Standard 3-NM64 neutron monitor (3 units of 1 counter)
Geographic latitude
46.55° N
Geographic longitude
7.98° E
3475 m asl
Effective vertical cutoff rigidity (Epoch 2010.0)
4.5 GV
In continous operation since
Detailed station information:
January 1986 - present

Snow on the roof of the detector housing cannot be removed due to the danger of avalanches and falling rocks. Therefore it is possible that a rather large amount of snow can accumulate on the roof of the housing mainly during winter and spring time. Special incidents such as strong wind or melting snow are noted in a journal.

The operation of the neutron monitors is supported by the Physikalisches Institut of the University of Bern and by the International Foundation High Altitude  Research Stations Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat (HFSJG), CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland.

Conditions for Use of Data

  1. You agree to acknowledge the source of data in any publication.
  2. Commercial or industrial use of the data is prohibited without previous agreement with the PI of the station (see name and address above)
  3. You may share these data with colleagues, provided you inform them of these conditions.