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Revision of September 14-19, 2009 Athens Greece NMDB Training Course "Cosmic rays and neutron monitors: A training course in science and applications" from April 17, 2009 - 1:48pm

This is the first announcement of a training course that the NMDB consortium will host from September 14-19, 2009 in Athens, Greece.

This course is destinated to students, post docs, researchers and engineers interested by a broad range of applications of cosmic rays, from astrophysics of energetic particles to their impact on the Earth.

Students attending the course will also have the opportunity to present their research. Two end-of-afternoon sessions will be scheduled for short oral presentations on Monday and Tuesday, and posters can be shown during the whole course.

  Mon 14 Tue 15 Wed 16 Thu 17 Fri 18 Sat 19
Morning LEC1 LEC2 LEC3 LEC4 LEC5 LEC6+discussions
14h00-17h30 LAB1 LAB2 Excursion LAB3 LAB4 Excursion (optional)
17h30-19h00 Students' posters & presentations Students' posters & presentations Excursion Visit of the Athens neutron monitor Students' posters & discussion

The program of the school will include lectures (LEC) in the morning and laboratory activities (LAB) in the afternoon, as well as one public talk. Another excursion can be scheduled on Saturday afternoon if a sufficient number of participants is interested.

The following subjects will be addressed:

I. Galactic & Solar Cosmic Rays: Origin and Propagation

  • Origin and propagation of GCR (B. Heber, Kiel)
  • Origin of SCR : Flares, CMEs, SEP events (K.-L. Klein, Meudon)

II. The Heliosphere and its effects on cosmic rays

  • Heliospheric magnetic field : models and observations (R. Wimmer-Schweingruber, Kiel)
  • Particle propagation in magnetic fields : Heliosphere, Earth's Magnetosphere (K. Kudela, Kosice)
  • The Heliosphere and galactic cosmic rays : modulation, Forbush decreases (A. Belov, Moscow)
  • Space Weather and the Earth’s magnetosphere (I. Daglis, Athens)

III. Cosmic ray measurements

  • Neutron monitors and other technologies (R. Buetikofer, Bern)
  • Neutron monitors-Worldwide Networks (E. Mavromichalaki, Athens)
  • Visit to the Athens neutron monitor (C. Sarlanis, Athens, & R. Buetikofer, Bern)

IV. Cosmic ray effects on Earth

  • CR interaction with the Earth's atmosphere and environment (E. Flueckiger, Bern)
  • CR and climate - a causal relationship ? (I. Usoskin, Oulu)

V. Public Talk (S. Krimigis, Academy of Athens)

The laboratories activities will include:

  1. CR propagation in the Earth's magnetosphere
  2. SCR spectra and anisotropies from NM measurements
  3. From cosmic ray spectra to the estimation of radiation hazards to aircraft crew
  4. GLE alert and the prediction of SEP events using NM data
  5. Prediction of CME arrival at Earth using NM data

The laboratory exercises will be conducted by: E. Eroshenko (Moscow), L. Dorman (Tel Aviv), M. Gerontidou (Athens), C. Sarlanis (Athens), R. Buetikofer (Bern), O. Kryakunova (Alma Ata), A. Papaioannou, M.-C. Papailiou, G. Souvatzoglou (Athens)

Support: Financial support will be provided for accomodation and daily living expenses of the attendants. Travel expenses are in general to be paid by the home institution, although some limited amount of funding may become available. Please contact the LOC for any request.

Contact and registration: Please send an e mail to stating your status (student, PhD student, post dc, researcher, engineer...), affiliation, and research interest, as well as your interest in an excursion on Saturday afternoon. The deadline is May 31st.

Find a printable short announcement here (pdf / 1.23 Mb).

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