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Revision of September 14-19, 2009 NMDB Summer School at Athens, Greece from March 11, 2009 - 1:31pm

This is the first announcement of a summer school that the NMDB consortium, decided to host from September 14-19, 2009 at Athens, Greece.
The program of the school will include lectures (LEC) - preferably in the morning, laboratory activities (LAB) - preferably in the afternoon and possibly public speeches. Up to now, the subjects that will be covered are:

(a) Galactic & Solar Cosmic Rays: Origin and Propagation
Origin and propagation of GCR
Origin of SCR : Flares, CMEs, SEP events

(b) The Heliosphere and its effects on cosmic rays
Heliospheric magnetic field : models and observations
Particle propagation in magnetic fields : Heliosphere, Earth's Magnetosphere
The Heliosphere and galactic cosmic rays : modulation, Forbush decreases

(c) Cosmic ray measurements
Overview, new technologies
Neutron monitors
Visit to the Athens neutron monitor

(d) CR and climate - a physical relationship ?

while the laboratories activities will include:

(1) CR propagation in the Earth's magnetosphere
(2) SCR spectra and anisotropies from NM measurements
(3) From cosmic ray spectra to the estimation of radiation hazards to aircraft crew
(4) GLE alert and the prediction of SEP events using NM data
(5) Prediction of CME arrival at Earth using NM data

(e) Public Talks (To be announced)

The contributing speakers are:

S. Krimigis (Academy of Athens)*
E. Flueckiger (UBERN)
A. Belov (IZMIRAN)*
H. Mavromichalaki (NKUA)
I. Usoskin (Oulu)
K. Kudela (Kosice)
I. Daglis (ISARS/NOA)
B. Heber (Kiel)*
A. Chilingaryan (YPI)
R. Wimmer-Schweingruber (Kiel)*
R. Buetikofer (UBERN)
O. Sternal (Kiel)*
C. Sarlanis (NKUA)

* to be confirmed

The laboratory exercises will be conducted by: E. Eroshenko (IZMIRAN), L. Dorman (TAU), M. Gerontidou (NKUA), C.Sarlanis (NKUA), R. Buetikofer (UBERN), A. Papaioannou (NKUA), A. Ibragimov (OULU), Maria-Christina Papailiou (NKUA)

Support: It is planned to be provided financial support in the form of housing and covering various expenses. Information will be provided soon.