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Revision of September 14-19, 2009 Athens Greece NMDB Training Course "Cosmic rays and neutron monitors: A training course in science and applications" from September 27, 2009 - 12:10pm

The NMDB consortium organized a training course on Cosmic Rays & Neutron Monitors entitled: 'Cosmic Rays and Neutron Monitors - a training course in science and applications', from September 14 to 19, 2009. The training course was hosted by the Physics Department of the National & Kapodistrain University of Athens, at Athens, Greece. This course was designed for students, post docs, researchers and engineers interested by a broad range of applications of cosmic rays, from astrophysics of energetic particles to their impact on the Earth.

  • A total of 55 participants from 16 countries attended the training course.
  • The scientific program included high quality lectures by distinguished scientists. The total number of the lectures was 14. Questions on every lecture were distributed to the audience and the answers were evaluated by the lectures.
  • The laboratory exercises was performed in parallel sessions. All participants attended the lab courses and got the chance to gain hands on experience on cosmic rays and its applications.
  • Students attended the course also had the opportunity to present their research. Two end-of-afternoon sessions was scheduled for short oral presentations (on Monday and Tuesday), and posters was shown during the whole course. The total student contribution was 8 oral and 11 poster presentations.
  • A public talk by the distinguished Greek Academician: S. M. Krimigis was performed at the Central Building of the National & Kapodistrin University of Athens. Find a printable version of the formal invitation here (pdf / 141.28 kB)
  • The social program of the Training Course included: A. An excursion to Acropolis Archeological Site and at the New Acropolis Museum. B. A dinner at a Traditional Greek Taverna at Plaka C. A reception at the meeting hall of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens: 'Kostis Palamas' D. An optional excursion to Mycynae and Nafplio

Find a printable mini-poster here (pdf / 221 kB).

Find a printable brochure with information on transportation here (pdf / 1.07 MB).

Find a printable brochure with information on accommodation here (pdf / 489 kB).

Find a printable version of the scientific program here (pdf / 54.29 kB).

Find the laboratory exercises info here (pdf / 977.21 kB) .

Find the second announcement for the training course here (pdf / 36.89 kB).

Find the final list of the confirmed participants here (pdf / 30.35 kB).

Find the Student's presentations program and the coresponding abstract book here (pdf / 224.17 kB).

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