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NMDB reports

This project requires different types of report. I try to explain the different types of reports and how they should look like.


Deliverables are official document, which we have promised to deliver as part of our work.

A list of Deliverables is given in our Description of work.
Each Deliverable belongs to one Work Package, has a lead beneficiary, takes a certain number of man-months (by the lead beneficiary and other groups working on the Deliverable together), and a delivery date.
A Deliverable has to be in a special format, we have templates for word and LateX which you should use.
The Deliverably has to be received by the EC by the delivery data, which means you have to send your Deliverable at least five working days before the due date to the Project Coordinator, since he has to read and forward them to the EC.

Quarterly progress reports

The Project Coordinator has to check the progress of all groups in this project.
Since we can not use the timsheets that every partner has to fill in for all personnel working on the project anymore,
we have decided at the Kosice meeting that all groups send quarterly progress reports about all work they have performed on the project during the preceeding quarter.
The first quarterly report was due on November 26, 2008, one week before the start of the midterm meeting.
The second quarterly report is due by February 20, 2009, one week before the review meeting in Brussels.
The third quarterly report is due by May 29, 2009, one week before the monthly phone conference.

This report does not have to be in a special form.
It should list the progress of the group towards the goals and Deliverables of the project and should allow all project participants to get an overview of the status of the whole project.
When quarterly reports are not received in time, the Project Coordinator can not monitor the compliance of the parties with their obligations, as he is required to according to 6.4 of the Consortium Agreement.

Project Progress reports

At the end of a reporting period (at the end of a year in NMDB), a Project Progress report has to be submitted to the EC within 60 days of the end of the reporting period, by February 20, 2009, since the project will be reviewed on March 2, 2009.
The detailed requirements for this report are given in project_reporting_en.pdf.
The Project Coordinator compiles the input from all partners, who have to, among other details,
report on their work progress and achievements during the reporting period.
This report has to be in a special form, as given in the reporting guidelines.
Moreover, it has to be ONE report, which the Coordinator compiles form the input of all partners.
Input which is sent as PDF document, does not make it easy to compile the report.
Input in the form of proprietary word files is also not helpful, since the report is written in LaTeX.
Input which is too detailed for the report creates a lot of additional work for the coordinator,
since he has to cut it down to what is actually important for the reviewers.
Very detailed descriptions should be given in Deliverable reports and/or on the project website, a link can then be used in the periodic report.
Figures that are essential for the Project Progress report should be sent as separate files, and not embedded in word documents or other proprietary formats.
Input from all partners has to be receive in time, since the report still has to be compiled by the coordinator.
At the midterm meeting in Kiel, the deadline was decided to be the end of January, 2009, since the Progress report has to be submitted in February, 2009.
In addition to the progress in the work packages, also financial statements have to be given for the Project Progress report by the deadline.
Details have been explained in the presentation of Mrs Neufeldt, and are also given in the reporting guidelines.
A Project Progress report which can not be submitted in time to the EC has an even bigger negative impact on the continuation than a missed deadline for a Deliverable has.
When the report can not be submitted in time, the project review can not take place, and thus the project can not continue.

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